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(Railway Car Industry)

Railway Car Industry

Image:- Integrated Robotic Shell Assembly Lines, India

Image:- Integrated Robotic Shell Assembly Lines, India

Based on patented technologies under lots of automation experiences

We succeeded to automate railway car production line with lots of experiences to make lots of system in a variety of industrial fields. 

From the sales performance as the beginning stage to engineering for automation as the supporting stage, it shows our complete capability and the very strength up to client's requirement. 

Higher Productivity

As the successful modernized approach in production, productivity increased more than 2.5 times in comparison to the previous manual type that leads a higher annual sales volume. 


Better Quality

More efficient use of materials resulting in less scrap and performing the manufacturing process with less variability than human workers.

Better product quality by a delicate mechanism as one of the reasons in justifying the use of automation is achieved as well. 

Improved Safety  

Makes worker safer protecting the physical its well-being thanks to all safety facilities around the workplace, workers.


Weld between the skin sheet and frame structure of Sidewall to be jointly combined but for irregular materials that system enables to skip welding automatically. 

The system has played a significant role in the reduction of working time and cycle time keeping its welding quality ever.



Weld on the seam of Roof which shall be entirely covered up along with reliable seam-welding quality. To prevent any variability while welding, a tracking system is built in the robotic welding system as well. 



Even if underframe consists of thick and heavy raw materials to withstand the heavy weight of the complete railway car, our experienced welding techniques enable to clearly weld on its surface well keeping remarkable welding quality. 


 Now a manufacturer can make it oneself by robotic welding system instead of sub-parts outsourcing. Endwall has much more points to be welded than any other sub-parts and complicated and cramped structure inside, however, it enables to reduce the cycle time getting over its features. 



Complete Shell

 All of the sub-parts to be combined in one called it as the complete shell is located its position, respectively and weld on the seam made between each sub-parts by the robotic system we created. It leads to much higher productivity than twice the existing efficiency.