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 ​In the automobile parts assembly line, including welding line we make the line automated instead of workers.


We provide an automation solution technology with a industry where people use a thick material. The solution maintains such a high quality of products and make it possible at a rapid speed with hybrid welding technology.

Laser technology

Through laser technology,  we cut materials and weld it each other, providing components processed to customers as needed. 

Railway car 

 We made it to manufacture the railway car, in which people used to work manually, with a various weld method of a robot.  


In the 4th industrial revolution, An automated Guided Vehicle transfers goods and loads it instead of manual work.

Welding technology

Regardless of Welding  skill, we suggest an automation solution that a robot works for improving a productivity, higher quality and a rapid speed.


Do I have no choices which robot brand would be used in system?

You can choose any robot brand what you prefer. We support ​​all of the technical supports regardless of brands. 

What is the scope of an automation solution ?

We provide all the engineering processes from designing and installation to the final acceptance test.

Can I pre-test with my products before getting system?

To guarantee possibility and make you understand well in automation, we used to do various tests up to your applications as much as we can.

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